peceutia lucasi (true spider)

size: subadult. Gender: unsex. Berat paket: 300 gram.

Sudah subadut. 

Temperature antara 22- 30 C.

Set up arboreal.


Create a safe environment. Jumping spiders can thrive in a variety of environments. In order to make sure they have room to jump, try to choose a container that is at least a cubic foot in size. Glass or plastic terrariums work well.[6]

  • Make sure the lid is ventilated with small holes so that your spider gets adequate air flow.
  • Jumping spiders don't spin webs, but they do enjoy resting in little nests. Provide your spider with material to make a bed. Choose a small piece of cloth, or even a paper napkin.
  • Keep the cage out of direct sunlight. You don't want your spider to overheat.




● harap perhatikan, mohon tidak menggunakan jasa kurir reguler yang lama. diharapkan tiki ons saja. jika menggunakan reguler sedangkan ke daerah agan ada kilatnya (ons atau yes), maka tidak ada garansi.

Tags: jual spider , arboreal , low venom , spider putih , unsex , laba-laba / spider , fast growth / tumbuh cepat , dry humidity , subadult , spider hijau , rather rare , ratu tarantula

Harga: Rp.275.000 / USD20

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