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Hello, my name is The Ming Cu (facebook name is De Ming Cu, because I cannot insert "The"). I graduated from institute technologies Bandung, product design. I start this hobby since 2010. I open online shop in 2012, and thought a website might be a good idea. This site is specialized for spiders and their food and also their equipment. I aim for 100% survival rate, it will be hard to do because life are not in my hand's, but God's. I can only try my best to pack the spiders so they arrived alive. So far, my shipment survival rate is 98%.


Here is my spiders room:

Over the years, we have been in the news of national televisions, newspaper, etc.
Tarantula and spider of indonesia :
Dunia binatang 17 nov 2016:
Cerita perempuan trans 7:
Trans 7 / Inspirasi Pagi: 
Spider lover petshop on inews tv (2016):
Liputan 6 (2016) :
Dunia binatang (2013): 
Pikiran rakyat (2014):
Pikiran rakyat (2014):
Program ternyata trans7 :
Indonesia punya cerita: 
Hitam putih:
Part 1 
Part 2 


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