How to pack tarantulas

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This tutorial I made because I have receive several spiders in trapped position, the body and the carapace is in weird position because the spiders cannot turn around in the tube but they force their way even if it hurts themselves and some probably dead in that position.

Like this:

Tarantulas trapped in the tube with the abdomen and carapace in unusual way, they turn their body but stuck.


So what to do? 


We pack them different way, using jelly cup or another container with that requirement, not a long tube.

We are leaving long tube packing for biggger slings, juvenille and adults.


This is how we pack the tarantulas, except if we need to pack them a different way because of certain reason.


The hole measurement is the same with the tarantula's leg span. Well, just approximately. Not really exact.

Tissue need to be thick and soft and fluffy, not hard.

The height of the hole = the height of the tarantulas.

Of course all side is covered with thick tissue, like the video shown.


This is a better method of packing for bigger slings, juvenille, and adult. So it does not hurt the pedicel (the part between the abdomen and carapace). They can turn around inside the tube freely without injuring the pedicel and the legs.

Thank you very much!

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