Alexander Lim

30 Desember 2016           By : NIKENAYU           Tags:


I have been in this hobby (Tarantulas) for over a decade and I found this online petshop opened by Ming Cu somewhere in February this year. Made a purchase for some slings (Selenocosmia, Phlogiellus and Cyriopagopus species) and also some isopods from her. Received everything with very good freebies that are really usefull way on time and most importantly alive and in extremely good condition! Everything was packed profesionally and the post-purchase was very good and not to mention the service was fantastic. Overall, I strongly feel that this place was alot better than many other petshops out there and I recommend those that are really serious about this hobby out there to check out this place. Definitely returning for more Ts soon! Thank you very much once again for all the wonderful slings and products!

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