Testimonial 3

30 Desember 2016           By : NIKENAYU           Tags:

Hello! I have some great news! The parcel arrived today! It had gotten a completely new tracking ID, so I had no chance of knowing it was your package. I was very afraid to open the parcel, ready for the worst case scenario. But to my surprise, not much smell and a few loose tarantulas greeted me when i openet the lid J.

The good news is that many of them were alive, but the bad news is that they are in bad condition. Spiders are hardy, so it’s a abig chance that they recover. Even so, if I would loose a few and only have a few survive, it’s far bettr than I first expected.

I would like to thank you for your superb packaging skulls! If it wouldn’t have done like that, I am sure i would have lost even more. I am so blown away by the packaging and the survival rate due to the bad circumstances, it was fantastic!


Would you do me the honors to write a short guide, with photos, on how to pack tarantulas safely, so that I can add it to the file section in my group, Invertebrate breeders? If more were packaging lie you, we would have a lot more survivals.

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